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Hoo am I?

The Full Story

Dear Visitor,

I am genuinely thrilled to welcome you here. Navigating the path to finding the right resources and a supportive community can indeed be a formidable journey. Rest assured, you've landed in the exact right place.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Sarah, and it is my sincerest desire to be a beacon of support in every conceivable way. I've traversed my own challenging odyssey with endometriosis and PCOS, and now I'm here to stand with you through yours.

My story begins at the tender age of 13. I found myself on an array of potent birth controls, an unconventional experience for someone so young. To cut a long story short, the intensity of these medications led to an adverse reaction to the anti-nausea treatment prescribed to counteract their effects. This continued until I was 16, when I mustered the resolve to cease it all. The path was fraught with struggle, yet I persevered. My sophomore year saw me spending more time outside the classroom than in, yet I pressed on. I discovered, perhaps inadvertently, that abstaining from eating offered respite from the pain. Unbeknownst to me then, the foods I chose were exacerbating my inflammation and discomfort. Concurrently, I grappled with an eating disorder, and this presented a seemingly fitting excuse. Eating brought discomfort, while abstaining offered a semblance of relief, in more ways than one.

It was only with the passage of time that I came to fathom how this affliction extends its reach to the mind—engendering depression and anxiety. This revelation would come to me in my later years.

Fast-forward to my 20th year. Fresh from the glow of a new marriage, I soon discovered I was expecting. The medical consensus decried this as impossible, yet here I stand, a testament to the improbable. Pregnancy gifted me a respite from pain and a newfound equilibrium in my hormonal landscape, allowing me to taste true happiness.

The arrival of my baby marked a turning point. Divorce followed, and postpartum depression gripped me for three protracted years, without solace. Medication proved too taxing, and seeking counsel from a therapist seemed an untenable prospect at the time, given my fraught history. Meanwhile, the pain returned with an unrelenting vengeance. Still, a diagnosis for endometriosis eluded me, though I was convinced, with the certainty of lineage, that I was its captive.

In sum, it took the passage of seven years to unravel the diagnosis, a dishearteningly common narrative for countless women, often enduring still lengthier waits. Most recently, I received the diagnosis of PCOS, a new chapter replete with fresh and unfamiliar symptoms.

As I write to you in the year 2023, I stand at 33, empowered by the control I've gained over my endometriosis and PCOS, thanks to the bespoke dietary and exercise routines I've painstakingly curated for myself. I possess an acute understanding of the unique needs that women grappling with these conditions face when it comes to sculpting a fitness regimen and dietary plan that truly resonates with them.

I extend to you an invitation to partake in this wealth of knowledge and to allow me the privilege of walking alongside you in your journey toward a life that is not merely functional, but profoundly enriching. A life where mind, body, and soul are harmoniously woven together, crafting something exquisitely beautiful.

Warm regards,


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